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Let’s Talk: Medical Leave — First Meeting


Hi all,

Thank you for coming tonight! I am so grateful that you all care about this issue and want to create change on campus.

Some key points:

  • Fire Dr. Bazelon!! She is sketchy, violates HIPAA, and doesn’t take responsibility for her key role in the college’s decision on whether a student gets to stay or gets forced out. An example of her violating HIPAA: http://www.slate.com/articles/life/family/2007/04/loner_or_psychopath.html
  • Avenues for creating institutional memory so that when we graduate, our experiences are remembered. Ways to do this: a documentary! Twitter! Julian’s blog! The Access Services Institutional Memory Form!
  • Creating a Bill of Rights. I will send out an email/create an event page/put up flyers/submit to the Daily Digest about this in the next week or two to set up a meeting. We will draft a Bill of Rights, including (for example) students have the right to privacy under HIPAA. We will submit the Bill of Rights to the Dean’s Office so that it will be published in the Student Handbook alongside medical leave policies, as well as publishing it online.

I am so grateful for all your thoughts, ideas, and help. I hope to see you at our next meeting.



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